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iLab Cores at Medical College of Wisconsin

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Biomedical Resource Center BRC Administrative Team brcadmin@mcw.edu 414-955-8702
Biostatistics Consulting Service Consulting Service consult@mcw.edu 414-955-8280
Bulk Gases Service Center Erin Bentley ebentley@mcw.edu
CRI Imaging Core Suresh Kumar skumar@mcw.edu 414-955-2448
CRI Shared Equipment Core Nicholas Kampa nkampa@mcw.edu 414-955-2339
CVC Cores (Confocal & iPSC) Andrew Barr andrewbarr@mcw.edu 414.955.2578
Cancer Center CTO Anthony Carabajal acarabajal@mcw.edu 805-4629
Cardiovascular Academic Initiative (CAI) CAI CardioAcademicInitiative@mcw.edu
Cell Therapy Lab Tyce Kearl, MD, PhD tkearl@mcw.edu 414-805-7420
Center for Imaging Research Matthew Runquist mrunquis@mcw.edu (414) 955-4777
Center for Microbiome Research CMR Information biomecenter@mcw.edu
Childrens Research Institute & Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Calvin B. Williams cwilliam@mcw.edu 414-955-4343
Childrens Research Institute Histology Core Christine Duris, BS HTL QIHC (ASCP) cduris@mcw.edu 414-955-8624
Comprehensive Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping Core John J. Reho jreho@mcw.edu 414-955-2124
Echocardiography Core Lindsey Kalvin, ACS, BS, RDCS (AE & PE), FASE lkalvin@mcw.edu 414-955-6846
Electron Microscopy Facility Clive Wells cwells@mcw.edu 414 955 8141
Geospatial Epidemiology & Outcomes (GEO) GEO General Email geo@mcw.edu
IRB Fee Billing Core AnnMarie Eve aeve@mcw.edu 414-955-4415
IncuCyte Core Donna McAllister dmcallis@mcw.edu 414-955-8065
Liquid Nitrogen Recharge Center Timothy Thelaner tthelane@mcw.edu
MCW Engineering Core Bonnie P. Freudinger engineering-core@mcw.edu 955-4722
MCW Libraries Poster Printing Poster Printing posterprinting@mcw.edu (414) 955-8300
MCW MS Center John Corbett jcorbett@mcw.edu (414) 955-8768
MCW Tissue Bank - Biorepository & Tissue Analytics Mary Rau mrau@mcw.edu (414) 805-9569
Mellowes Center for Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Joe Camp jcamp@mcw.edu 414-955-4536
NRC Microscopy Core Suresh Kumar, PhD skumar@mcw.edu (414) 955-2448
NRC Rodent Behavior Core Breanna Glaeser bglaeser@mcw.edu 414-955-2925
OnCore Calendar Requests Sandi Johnson OnCore@mcw.edu
Ophthalmology Animal Research Services Chris Skumatz cskumatz@mcw.edu
Physiology Biochemical Analytical Laboratory Jenifer Phillips jephillips@mcw.edu 955-8569
Physiology Computer Core Service Center Andy Milbrath amilbrath@mcw.edu 414-955-8727
Precision Irradiation Core Tracy Gasperetti tgasperetti@mcw.edu 414-955-4686
Precision Medicine Laboratory (PML) Precision Medicine Laboratory pmics@mcw.edu 414 955-2550
Qualitative Research Consulting Service Core Jeanine Merrill jschultzmerrill@mcw.edu 715-520-7339
Radiation Safety Badge Program Lauren James ljames2@mcw.edu
Radiology Quantitative Imaging Lab (QIL) Peter LaViolette, PhD plaviole@mcw.edu 414-955-1192
Rat Models and Genotyping Service Center Allison Zappa azappa@mcw.edu 414-955-7371
Rodent Model Resource (RMR) Jason Klotz jklotz@mcw.edu 414-456-7580
Shared High-Frequency Ultrasound Imaging Facility Tina Wan twan@mcw.edu
Shared Mass Spectrometry Small Molecules Facility Michael Thomas, PhD mjthomas@mcw.edu 414-955-8605
Structural Biology Shared Resources (SBSR) Linda Olson PhD lolson@mcw.edu 414-955-8545
Therapeutic Accelerator Program Service Center Dr. Ranjit Verma rverma@mcw.edu 414-955-5743
Translational Metabolomics Shared Resource Peter LaViolette plaviole@mcw.edu