Center for Imaging Research

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The Center for Imaging Research (CIR) at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration among imaging scientists and clinicians at academic institutions within the Midwest, through the provision of research imaging facilities and services

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Imaging Research is to unite basic and clinical scientists of various disciplines to further the development and application of imaging in health and disease.

Investigators from institutions across the Midwest utilize the resources available within the MCW CIR. Our state-of-the-art facilities and technical support infrastructure provide users with the tools required to perform basic and clinical imaging research studies. Investigative research at the CIR spans a wide variety of disease states and topics of technological development. 


Kevin M. Koch | Executive Director, Center for Imaging Research

Andrew S. Nencka | Operations Director, Center for Imaging Research 

Location and hours of operation

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Monday - Friday

8am - 5pm                        

9072 Connell Ave.

Door S23
Milwaukee, WI 53226

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Matthew Runquist
Research MRI Technologist
(414) 955-4777
MRI Building G2620 PreClinical
Erin Staege
MRI Technologist Sr.
(414) 955-4074
Soref 1 and 2
Lauren Williams
MR Imaging Assistant
(414) 955-5763
Front Desk
Jessica Fiore
MRI Technologist Sr.
(414) 955-4074
Soref 1 and 2
Jen Duller
MRI Technologist Sr.
(414) 955-4074
Soref 1 and 2
Brandon St. George
MRI Technologist Sr.
Soref 1 and 2
Kathleen Yin
Research MRI Technologist
MRI Building G2620 PreClinical

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