MCW Tissue Bank - Biorepository & Tissue Analytics

Overview & Services

The MCW Tissue Bank and Tissue Analytics Cores each have their own request form in iLab.  Please make sure to fill out the correct form for the services you wish to request. 


The MCW Tissue Bank (biorepository) provides services involving human biospecimens to faculty investigators. In addition to distributing tissues and other biospecimens, services associated with human biospecimens include tissue and blood processing, RNA/DNA extraction, tissue analytics, and storage.

Consented patients of Froedtert & MCW Hospitals and clinics donate non-diagnostic biospecimens for biomedical research to the General Tissue and Tumor Bank, the Maternal Bank, the COVID-19 Bank, and/or the MCW Cancer Center Immuno-oncology Bone Marrow Bank.

The MCW Tissue Bank is a CAP-accredited biorepository, which ensures high-quality samples, vetted protocols, standard operating procedures, and knowledgeable and well-trained staff.


Tissue Analytics - Multi-color Immunohistochemistry and Histocytometry analyses

  • Tumor Multicolor quantitative immunofluorescence histo-cytometry (7-color Akoya PhenoImager/Vectra Polaris)
    • Solid tumor immunoprofiling (CD4, CD8, CD20, FoxP3, CD68, pan-Cytokeratin, DAPI)
    • Custom 7-color multiplex immunostaining panels


Biorepository - Biofluids 

  • Services: 
    • Buffy coat lysis 
    • PBMC processing 
    • Simple blood processing 
    • Cell counting 
  • Samples: 
    • Whole blood/Plasma/ Buffy Coat – fresh or frozen 
    • Cord blood/Plasma/Buffy Coat – fresh or frozen
    • PBMCs – fresh or frozen
    • Blood from recovered COVID-19 patients – fresh or frozen 
    • Bone marrow – fresh or freshly cryopreserved as viable bone marrow MNCs
    • Bone Marrow MNCs as discard samples from flow cytometry – fresh or frozen (limited viability)

Biorepository - Tumors and other Tissues

  • Services:
    • Fresh tissue procurement (e.g. tumor, cardiovascular, maternal tissues)
    • Snap freezing
  • Samples:
    • Fresh tissue (e.g. for PDX modeling, ex vivo explants or organoids, cell lines)
    • Snap frozen tissue
    • Formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue
    • Frozen tissue shaves

We perform Quality Control on banked samples

Biorepository - Nucleic acid extraction

  • Fresh or fresh frozen tissue/cells - Column-based RNA/DNA extraction kits
  • FFPE tissues - RNA/DNA extraction by Purigen Ionic Isotachyphoresis (better sequencing due to reduced contaminants, increased yield and less fragmentation)

Biorepository - Storage, supplies, and other services

  • Data logging and barcoded labeling of samples
  • Media, storage containers, and laboratory supplies
  • Monitored, secure -80°C storage
  • Monitored, secure LN/-150°C cryostorage




Steve Kroft, MD | Director

Mary Rau | Biorepository Manager

Yunguang Sun, MD, PhD | Tissue Analytics Manager

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

(excluding MCW holidays)                   

9200 W. Wisconsin Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53226



Name Role Phone Email Location
Mary Rau
Tissue Bank Manager
(414) 805-9569
MCW Tissue Bank
Mollie Patton
Pathologists' Assistant, Sr.
(414) 805-8823
MCW Tissue Bank
Ellen Schneider
Research Associate II
(414) 805-9587
Pathology Administration Suite
MCW Tissue Bank
Lab All-Staff Phone
(414) 805-8829
MCW Tissue Bank
Kelly Putnam
Histology Technician
(414) 805-8821
MCW Tissue Bank
Jamie Pipke
Clinical Research Assistant II
(414) 805-6588
Pathology Administration Suite
Daniel Bernhagen
Research Technologist II
MCW Tissue Bank
Karlie Komp
Research Technologist II
MCW Tissue Bank
Yunguang Sun, MD, PhD
Tissue Analytics Manager
Cancer Center TBRC