Rodent Model Resource (RMR)

Rodent Model Resource (RMR) at MCW with support of Versiti

(Formerly Mouse Transgenic Core)


The RMR provides access to the following services for rodent models

  • Custom production of novel transgenic, gene knockout, and gene knockin rat and mouse models
  • Management of rat model breeding colonies

Assists research staff with procedures involving production and maintenance of transgenic mouse and rat strains. The Core provides both sperm and embryo cryopreservation/recovery, IVF, ICSI, pronuclear microinjection of CRISPR and DNA/BAC constructs. We are also available for consultation involving colony breeding issues.

The laboratory is located in the vivarium of the Translational and Biomedical Research Center at MCW and is equipped to perform all procedures involving production and maintenance of transgenic or knock-out mice. Instrumentation includes 2 injection workstations (Nikon inverted phase contrast microscope with Hoffman modulation optics, temperature-controlled injection stage, air-suspended injection table, Eppendorf motor-driven injection system), microforge, needle puller, Nikon stereo zoom microscope, surgical microscopes and dewars for storage of cryopreserved mouse germplasm.



Aron Geurts, PhD

Professor, Department of Physiology



Name Role Phone Email Location
Jason Klotz

Michael Grzybowski
Geurts Lab manager