Radiology Quantitative Imaging Lab (QIL)

Overview of Services

The Department of Radiology, in collaboration with the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Clinical Cancer Center (MCWCC) Clinical Trials Office, supports the assessment of tumor response to therapy guided by board certified radiologists. This initiative, named the Quantitative Imaging Lab (QIL), is directed by Drs. Peter LaViolette and Stacy O'Connor, and lead Technologist Maureen Levenhagen, and utilizes a unique software solution, Precision Imaging Metrics, developed at Massachusetts General Hospital to track and maintain clinical trial response criteria adherence. The QIL currently supports over 125 active cancer clinical trials, each of which requires specific response assessments for different organs and cancer types. A Quantitative Imaging Analyst works with clinical trial managers to first identify response criteria outlined in each protocol, then registers and activates the trial in our software system. Trial Coordinators then request tumor measurements for each patient’s imaging time points, which are then completed and signed out by designated board-certified radiologists. Measurements then become available to investigators and trial administration through an auditable web-based database and interface.

The software interface provides clinical trial managers and sponsors with documented assessments, complete with screen captures of the lesions of interest, and metrics regarding response to therapy.


Peter LaViolette, PhD | Director

Stephanie Vincent-Sheldon, MD | Medical Director

Maureen Levenhagen | Quality Analyst

Allie Lowman | Quality Analyst

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Monday - Friday

8am - 4pm        


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Peter LaViolette, PhD
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Maureen Levenhagen
Quality Analyst I
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Teresa Young
Bus. Ops Coordinator
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Jamie Beaudry
Dept. Admin
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Jodi Nicolai
Program manager I
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Ken Benz
Assoc. Dept. Admin
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Bus Mgr Sr.
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