Childrens Research Institute & Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

Overview of Services

The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FLOW Core) is an advanced technology facility supported by the CRI and the MCWCC.   The mission of FLOW is to provide investigators with: (1) technical support and training for multicolor analytical flow cytometry and cell sorting; (2) operator-assisted cell sorting in both standard and BSL-2+ modes; (3) consultation for application, assay development and data analysis; and (4) advanced data interpretation.  The FLOW Core supports 2 Cytek Aurora spectral cytometers, an LSRFortessa X20 analytical cytometer, a NanoCellect WOLF cell sorter, a Miltenyi MACSQuant Tyto cell sorter, a BD FACSAriaII cell sorter, a HemaVet 950 CBC Analyzer, a DeNovix CellDrop FL cell counter.   The analytical cytometers and cell sorters in FLOW Core are available to trained users by ID card access 24/7.


Calvin B Williams MD PhD | Director | 414-955-4343 |

Galina Petrova PhD | Manager | 414-955-5793 |

Hours of Operation

Instrument Hours Hours Staffed

Analytical Cytometry and Cell Sorting

24/7 access for trained users


Training, Consultations and Assisted Cell Sorting

Weekdays by appointment           

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm                         





Name Role Phone Email Location
Calvin B. Williams
FLOW Core Director
MFRC 5052
Galina Petrova
FLOW Core Manager
MFRC 5052