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The Structural Biology Shared Resources (SBSR) facility is made up of two components.  The Protein Production Facility was established in 2022 to meet the growing demand of researchers for high-quality protein.  Although this facility was established to satisfy the needs of researchers pursuing structural biology experiments, its services are also available for those needing homogeneous proteins for other endeavors.  We are equipped to produce milligram quantities of proteins utilizing a variety of expression systems including baculovirus/insect cell, HEK293, CHO, and E.coli.  The facility is equipped to aid the researcher in all stages of protein generation from construct design, generation of biomass, purification,  through the finished product. The cryo-em facility houses a Thermo Glacios 200kV Cryo-TEM configured to carry out single particle analysis. The microscope is equiped with a Falcon4i direct electron detector with a Selectris energy filter as well as a Ceta-D camera.


Wei Liu PhD      
Linda Olson PhD Facility Manager 414-955-8545

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8701 Watertown Plank Rd    

Milwaukee, WI 53226

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