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Cell Therapy Lab

Overview of Services

The Cell Therapy Lab shared resource is a state-of-the-art laboratory for the MCW and extramural community. The Cell Therapy Lab has established itself as a leader in the area of in-house manufacturing of novel cell therapies for early-phase clinical trials. It also provides the expertise and equipment needed for cutting-edge immune profiling of samples from clinical or preclinical studies. We aim to support researchers in everything from a single analysis to comprehensive correlative studies for multi-site clinical trials.

Key services include:
• Miltenyi CliniMACS Prodigy system for in-house manufacturing of clinical grade CAR-T cell and immunotherapy products
• Miltenyi CliniMACS system for automated clinical scale cell enrichment or depletion
• Berkeley Lights Lightning Optofluidic system for groundbreaking single-cell studies. The system performs simultaneous assessment of single-cell function and phenotype, with the capacity to perform on-chip single-cell transcriptomic, and to re-isolate cells of interest for additional studies
• Single-cell and bulk cytokine & biomarker multi-plex assays using the IsoPlexis and Luminex platforms
• Real-time cell cytotoxicity assays using the xCelligence RTCA system
• Assays of cell proliferation, ELISA, PCR (droplet digital system and standard PCR) and immunophenotyping using a MACS Quant 10 flow cytometer (8-colors)
• In addition to providing access to immune monitoring instruments, we also provide project and grant development assistance


Tyce Kearl, MD, PhD Co-Director
Peiman Hematti, MD Co-Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday, 8am- 5pm 

9200 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Froedtert Hospital Pavilion (STE 302-324) and Clinical Cancer Center (Rm C5453)

Milwaukee, WI 53226



Name Role Phone Email Location
Tyce Kearl, MD, PhD
Research Director