Geospatial Epidemiology & Outcomes (GEO)

Overview of Services

The Geospatial, Epidemiology, and Outcomes (GEO) Shared Resource at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Cancer Center provides access to population-based data, cancer epidemiology and database expertise, information on the cancer burden in the catchment area, and geospatial mapping and analysis to catalyze population-based cancer research at MCW, with an emphasis on cancer disparities.
GEO serves numerous departments and centers on and off campus. The services offered align with three primary aims: (1) To provide up-to-date information on the cancer burden in the MCW Cancer Center catchment area, including spatial and sociodemographic patterns of cancer incidence, diagnosis stage, and mortality; (2) To facilitate the optimal and appropriate use of population-based data resources to conduct rigorous cancer and cancer disparities research; and (3) To support the use of geospatial mapping and analysis techniques and provide geographic information systems (GIS) services.

Geospatial Services
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis Services

  • Spatial Data Acquisition, Preparation and Management
  • Cartography, Mapping and Data Visualization
  • Geocoding, Distance Estimation and Routing, Geographic Access Estimation
  • Disease Mapping, Small Area Estimation, Spatial Pattern and Cluster Analysis
  • Modeling Including Spatial and Clustered Data
  • Web-Based Mapping
  • Data analysis in R, STATA, Esri software
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Related Technology Support
  • Software license(s) for GIS and related software (Esri, STATA)
  • Consultation
  • Geospatial analysis techniques and data sources

Epidemiology Services
General epidemiologic information about cancer burden

  • Boiler plate information for grant applications about cancer burden and GEO center
  • Basic epidemiologic data (Froedtert-MCW, Southeastern Wisconsin, Wisconsin, U.S.)
  • Catchment Area/WI cancer maps
  • Website (updated cancer data, maps, links to publicly available data, related sites)
  • Specific epidemiologic information
  • Preliminary data for grant applications
  • Anticipated accruals to clinical trials
  • Consultation on study design and methodology
  • Cancer knowledge, database expertise
  • Study design, aims, measurement/variables, feasibility

Outcomes Services
Data acquisition, preparation, management and analysis

  • Database acquisition, licensing and use agreements
  • Database repository and maintenance
  • Database cleaning
  • Variable creation
  • Data manipulation/linkage
  • Preparation of dataset for analyses
  • Preparation of data dictionaries/metadata
  • Data analyses
  • Computer and statistical programming (R, SAS, Python, etc.)
  • Consultation
  • Specific database knowledge
  • Variable creation and data analysis strategies


Kirsten Beyer, MPH, MS, PhD | Co-Director

Tina Yen, MD, MS | Co-Director

Anai Kothari, MD, MS | Co-Director

Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday

8am - 5pm                 


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