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Liquid Nitrogen Recharge Center

Overview of Services

The Liquid Nitrogen Recharge Center is housed in the Biophysics department.

This service allows users to refill their liquid nitrogen containers from the Biophysics tank at cost. 


NOTE:  This Core is open to those who have access to the 2nd floor of the MFRC.  When the 250 L tank is empty,

use the wall mount to dispense the liquid nitrogen.  Please allow time for the line to freeze to dispense the liquid nitrogen.


updated 8/24/2020


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Badge Access to floor required  

Biophysics Department
MACC Fund Research Center
2nd Floor, #2004                              



Name Role Phone Email Location
Timothy Thelaner
Technical Support

Janet Pradarelli


Liquid Nitrogen Usage Form

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Liquid Nitrogen Fill

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Internal $1.86 liter