Biostatistics Consulting Service

Due to impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biostatistics Consulting Service is working remotely.  You can still requests services here in iLab and we will set up a WebEx meeting to discuss your project.  Drop-in services are being provided by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, or for general questions, please email BCS at

Requesting Services

Department of Surgery - Contact Krissa Packard ( with the details of your request.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery - Contact Karen Gonzalez ( with the details of your request.

Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Submit a request through iLab or contact your department administrator for access to the "PMR Biostats (MCW) Lab".

Division of Hematology & Oncology, Department of Medicine - Submit a request through iLab or contact Aniko Szabo ( directly.

Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Department of Pediatrics - Submit a request through iLab or contact Lexi Visotcky ( and Raphael Fraser ( directly.

Froedtert Pharmacy - Needs to be placed under the “Froedtert Pharmacy (MCW EXT) Lab” using the email, instead of your own email. The administrators for the Pharmacy Residency program will be able to give you the login and password for this account.

Department of Anesthesiology - Submit a request through iLab or contact Danielle Paul ( if you want to request departmental support.

Cancer Center Members - Submit a request in iLab.

All other users submit a request in iLab.

At this time, Medical Students are unable to submit requests in iLab.  If you are a student needing assistance, please contact your mentor or department administrator for assistance.


Overview of Services

The Biostatistics Consulting Service is part of the Division of Biostatistics within the Institute for Health & Equity at the Medical College of Wisconsin and provides comprehensive statistical consulting to clients inside and outside MCW.

These consulting services include assistance with design and analysis of clinical trials, design and analysis of observational studies, design and analysis of surveys, assistance with public databases, sample size and power calculations, and data analysis and interpretation. Additionally, our faculty and staff have extensive experience in grant preparation of NIH, NSF, CTSI, Department of Education, HERSA, Healthier Wisconsin, and VA grants. We have also helped prepare proposals for a number of private research foundations.

Consulting is provided by Biostatistics faculty and staff. Staff consultants are supervised by a member of the faculty. Consulting services are offered for a standard fee and are provided on an appointment basis. After the initial consultation, a time estimate is provided.





  • Design: We can help you to choose an experimental design that will allow you to answer the research question most efficiently. Clinical trials, chart reviews, and surveys all need special considerations.
  • Sample size determination: Having too much or too little data is a waste of resources. We can help you plan how much data you need to collect so that your study can evaluate your hypothesis.
  • Grant proposal preparation: We can write the sections on the statistical analysis plan and sample size considerations.


Data Collection

  • Randomization: We can develop and implement an appropriate randomization scheme.
  • Data management: We can advise you on database design, and even help you set it up.


  • Statistical modeling and data analysis: We will help you choose the appropriate analysis methods, and carry them out if you wish.
  • Interpretation:  We can also help you interpret the results in the context of your research.



  • Reports: We can write a ready-to-publish description of the statistical methods used and prepare summary tables.
  • Plots: We can design and produce publication quality plots that communicate your message effectively. 


Drop-In Sessions Locations and Hours

Free statistical consultations are provided by staff biostatisticians throughout the month at the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center location. The Drop-In Service is a great way to get short statistical questions answered in just under a hour. Drop-In is free, try it today.

The Drop-In Service is supported in part by the MCW Cancer Center and the Division of Biostatistics. 


Hours Location

Mondays, 1pm - 3pm

Wednesdays, 10am -12pm 

Fridays, 1pm - 3pm                          


MEB 3250, Location is subject to change

Room C5300, MCW Clinical Cancer Center

Room C5300, MCW Clinical Cancer Center


Integration Contracts

The following Departments have integration contracts with the Biostatistical Consulting Service, which support study design and analysis services at no direct cost to the investigator. 

  • Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Department of Surgery
  • Hematology/Oncology Division of the Department of Medicine
  • Pediatric Emergency Division of the Department of Pediatrics
  • Froedtert Pharmacy


Aniko Szabo, PhDAssociate Professor & Director of the Biostatistics Consulting Service

Prakash Laud, PhDProfessor & Director of Cancer Center Biostatistics Shared Resource

Sergey Tarima, PhDAssociate Professor &  Associate Director of the Biostatistics Consulting Service


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